Nyansanity: Jeremy Lin As Nyan Cat And Thursday Morning Links

03.01.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

If you didn’t think this would exist, welcome to the Internet. Somebody’s already doing a “Sh*t Hitler Says About Watching The Jeremy Lin Nyan Cat”. (via OTB)

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Shawn Kemp Isn’t Exactly Thrilled With The Blake Griffin Comparisons – I love that Shawn Kemp JUST found out that the only thing he was good at was dunks. [Smoking Section]

The 10 Strangest Addictions From ‘My Strange Addiction’ – Does “doing something dumb to get on television because there’s a show that exaggerates mental illnesses” count as a strange addiction? [Warming Glow]

So, The New Trailer For ‘The Avengers’ Is Kind Of Awesome – I hope Captain America has a line that more or less says, “why does the 2012 version of my costume look so much worse than the one I wore in the 40s?” [Gamma Squad]

Many Of Your Favorite Celebrities Have Been ‘Cholafied’ – Pretty sure that Rihanna Chola is gonna show up in Guillermo Del Toro’s next horror-fantasy. [UPROXX]

Meth Addict Accidentally Burns Down ‘A Tree Older Than Jesus’ – I hope this is immediately followed by a scene where Bryan Cranston is dressed like a priest and yelling at him over the phone about how he’s worthless and stupid. [UPROXX]

VIDEO: Prometheus’s Peter Weyland addresses the 2023 TED Conference – If this movie doesn’t end with Catwoman kicking him in the nuts, I’m demanding my money back. [Film Drunk]

Kids Do The Darndest Speed Drills – When I was five I would’ve played a video game about anything. I would’ve played a Mario game where he can’t die and it’s nothing but history facts. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

11 Things Megan Fox Didn’t Know About David Silver When She First Met Brian Austin Green – 1 Thing Megan Fox Didn’t Know About Donna Martin: she graduates. [Buzzfeed]

Ken Marino’s AMAZING Macy Gray Impression – I love this impression so much I want to dip my balls in it. [HuffPost Comedy]

Criminal Busted for Using Fake ID with Jack Nicholson’s Photo – I knew I should’ve bought that Lindsay Lohan drivers license from the Hollywood gift shop where her photo is a promo still from Mean Girls and her height is MOVIE STAR. [The FW]

Jennifer Lawrence’s Cleavage Is Doing a Poor Job of Convincing Us She Can Play a 16-Year-Old – Yeah, well, The Last Airbender turned Sokka into a 28-year old white guy, so do whatever. [Pajiba]

The 20 Most Bad*ss Spies and Secret Agents in Film and TV History – I hope numbers one and two are “Spy Kid” and “the other Spy Kid”, followed by Karate Dog from Karate Dog at number three. [Brobible]

Six Underappreciated Comedies More People Need To See – How the hell is Anchorman unappreciated? Hot Rod and The Foot Fist Way are inspired choices, though, and once again I say “where the hell is Josie and the Pussycats?” [Unreality]

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