The A’s Signed A Pitcher After He Hit 96 In A Stadium Speed Pitch Game

Via cpatterson_7

Everyone has that one friend who is really good at the speed pitch game that pops up at ballparks and fairs and stuff like that. That friend is usually capable of getting into, oh, the 70s or something in that area. If someone is friends with Nathan Patterson, however, he is capable of throwing some serious heat, to the extent that he was able to parlay his nuclear arm into a job with the Oakland Athletics.

Patterson and his brother, Christian, went to a Rockies game back on July 15. The team had a speed pitch game set up, so Patterson stepped in and showed off his fastball. After hitting 90 with what looked to be his first throw, he turned up the dial and got into the mid-90s, topping out with a 96 mile an hour fastball.

Two weeks later, Patterson, who is 23 and told that he began pitching as a senior in high school but “didn’t really have a good arm then,” put pen to paper on a contract from the Oakland Athletics.

This was not the first time that Patterson has both turned heads on social media with his arm and put on a show at a baseball game. Back in January, he showed off his arm as he announced his entry into the MLB Draft, all while he had a cast on his left arm.

Before that, though, Patterson hit 96 at a triple-A baseball game last August, which inspired him to get back into playing shape and see if anything could come of it. Via