Odell Beckham Thinks COVID Cannot ‘Get To Me’ Out Of ‘A Mutual Respect’

The NFL has gone to great lengths to ensure as few individuals as possible get infected with the coronavirus at team facilities or during the course of their work as players, coaches, and team personnel. But while Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is doing his part in Cleveland to keep the season moving along, the All-Pro pass-catcher also believes the virus is avoiding him on purpose.

After being sent home sick last week by the Browns, Beckham was asked about his run-in with illness and whether he was ever worried it may have been COVID-19. His response, in typical Beckham fashion, was that he had complete confidence in himself and his ability to avoid infection.

Leaving out whether the science of Beckham’s explanation stands up to scrutiny or whether he’s even right or wrong, it’s worth just sitting in the outlandish cockiness of a person who utters these words.

The full video of his answer is worth your time as well.

Rarely does Beckham say anything he does not truly mean, but with that little grin and the pause he takes as he gathers his thoughts to toss out a truly incredible take on his potential battle with this virus, shows that he is entirely serious about his odds here. Anyway, please wear a mask and wash your hands and keep your distance from others.