Odell Beckham Jr. Has An Arrest Warrant Out For Smacking A Cop’s Butt In LSU’s Locker Room

Odell Beckham Jr. was quite a visible presence in New Orleans Monday night when LSU won the College Football National Championship over Clemson. The Browns WR played for LSU in college and was there to celebrate with the team when they took down the Tigers from South Carolina. Beckham was seen on the field after the victory and in the locker room, and in the days since has found him at the center of a pair of controversies.

While celebrating in the locker room with the team a group of police officers came in and told many LSU players that they could be arrested for smoking victory cigars. Beckham walked up to one of the officers and smacked him on the butt. An innocent gesture for many football players, but the officer clearly didn’t care for it too much. The local police force has apparently put out an arrest warrant for Beckham for simple battery, per WDSU.

This isn’t the only story that Beckham was known for on Monday night. LSU is also currently investigating him giving players money after the LSU victory. Originally it was claimed to be fake money, but when it became clear the money was in fact very real an investigation was launched because college athletes aren’t allowed to be paid. Nevermind that LSU coach Ed Orgeron and Clemson coach Dabo Swinney both made significant amounts of money in bonuses for participating in the national championship game, but Beckham certainly ruffled plenty of feathers after the game.