Odell Beckham Jr. Is Extremely Proud Of His Mangled Finger

Odell Beckham Jr. was seen on the sidelines of Sunday’s game between the Giants and the Bucs jumping up and down and screaming in pain as a doctor worked on his finger, and now we know very specifically why: The pointer finger on his right hand was bent completely backward while attempting to catch a pass from Eli Manning. It looks terrible, but thankfully, isn’t a serious injury. In fact, OBJ seems pretty proud of his injury. He’s marking the gruesome dislocation as a badge of honor on his Instagram:

It’s a reminder that football players deal with more than torn knees, stretched hamstrings and concussions. The game is incredibly violent, and it wears down their bodies from head to toe. Just look at what a career of catching the ball did to Torry Holt’s fingers:

Hopefully, OBJ went home and relaxed after the close loss to the Bucs and had his favorite partner, the kicking net, bring him some ice as he did his best to recover. Beckham also went down after re-tweaking his previously sprained ankle, and has a host of additional bumps and bruises. The Giants have a bye Week 8, but will Beckham make it to the break? Phrasing.