The Rams Have Signed Odell Beckham Jr. After Some Chaotic Confusion (UPDATE)

Just over a week ago, Odell Beckham Jr. was on the Browns and not particularly happy about it, with the tension in the building peaking when his father shared a video of all the times his son was open and Baker Mayfield missed him. After that, Beckham Jr. was excused from practice and, ultimately, waived by the Browns — although not officially until Monday of this week.

There were a number of reports about where OBJ would end up, with teams like the Packers, Patriots, Saints, Seahawks and others all rumored to have interest in the former All-Pro receiver. Unsurprisingly, Beckham cleared waivers on Tuesday, with no one willing to pick up the $7.5 million of his remaining salary, and he hit free agency. Two days went by without a decision, but on Thursday a deal was reportedly struck between Beckham and the team that can’t stop adding veteran stars, the Los Angeles Rams.

After releasing DeSean Jackson recently, there’s a spot in the receiving corps for Beckham to slot into, and there wouldn’t be a ton of pressure on him to be the guy given the presence of Cooper Kupp as the clear leading man on the outside. It was also a bit funny that the Rams appeared to end up with him because they have, effectively, gone all in on veteran star power in recent years and Les Snead seems to be treating the L.A. roster the way you would when building a team in Madden.

However, shortly after Schefter’s report, Beckham Jr. pumped the braked on a deal being done, saying he was still “on the fence” about going to Green Bay or Los Angeles.

This, apparently, was news to the Rams who seemed to think the deal was done — and surely that was where Schefter first got the information. They even posted the news to their website (and then had to delete it).

We should find out soon whether the Rams jumping the gun ends up costing them the star receiver, or if he still ends up in L.A., but this saga has only gotten stranger on Thursday afternoon.

UPDATE: Beckham is, indeed, L.A. bound, tipped by him FaceTiming with Von Miller and his friend LeBron James is excitedly welcoming him to Los Angeles.

The deal was officially official shortly after, with the man himself confirming the news after maybe just wanting to have some fun with everyone.