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The complaints of assault, criminal trespass, and pointing a gun at a person that were filed earlier this week against Bengals linebacker Odell Thurman were withdrawn yesterday, thus canceling the hearing that was scheduled for earlier today.

In case you're new to the story, With Leather ham-handedly first reported the story after speaking to people at the party where Odell Thurman (allegedly) kicked did not kick a man's face after the man asked Odell to please stop grinding on the man's girlfriend.  Other things that probably happened but will not be brought to light inside a courtroom: Odell leaving the party only to come back with guns and friends, Odell's brother sticking a gun in a partygoer's mouth, and Odell paying the accusers enough money to withdraw the complaint.  Hey, I said probably.  It's merely speculation.  I wasn't there.   Let the record show that no criminal charges were ever filed.

Too bad for Odell that that doesn't matter to Roger Goodell.  Thurman, who was suspended all of 2006 for his third violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy, must now get reinstatement from a man who cares about due process about as much as he cares about NFL fans, players, and the media.  True fact: Goodell is the NFL's first nihilist commissioner. 

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