Oh, Hey. What's Up, Japan?

10.08.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

Here at With Leather, we like to honor all walks of sport, and nobody conceives, executes or dissemenates competition like the wonderfully insane minds running Japanese television. When you think about the Allied Occupation of Japan after World War II, where staples of Americana like liberal democracy, individualism and even baseball, it’s almost like Japan represents what America could have been in some parallel universe. Think about that; we could have been Japan. I can’t process all of the feelings I get from realizing that.

Now think about the fact that you–yes, you!–could have been the guy with pins clipped to your nostrils, lips or nipples as you tried valiantly to pull the bikini top off a Japanese girl (one with a really flat ass, by the way, but who’s complaining). Live vicariously after the jump if you dare. It’s as if they as a people decided to embrace what was great about Western civilization and just discard all of that puritan bullsh-t that guilt-trips so many people into perpetual misery. Don’t ever change, Japan. Let your nipple-pointed star burn brightly for years to come. Video totally SFW.

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