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Maurice Pearson, a sophomore basketball player at Ohio University, has been suspended from the team indefinitely for shooting two sorority girls with a BB gun.

Pearson, 18, was found guilty of aggravated menacing and assault last Thursday, after shooting two Delta Gamma Sorority members with an Airsoft gun on the second floor of James Hall Sept. 24. Pearson pleaded no contest to the charges of aggravated menacing and assault…

Pearson was fined and ordered to four days of house arrest.  In addition, Pearson is ordered not to contact the victims.

I don’t quite understand why you’d shoot girls with a BB gun.  Unless BB guns come with tranq darts now, in which case I need to go shopping.  But c’mon dude, they’re sorority girls, and you’re an athlete.  Give them a beer and furrow your brow when they talk, and you’ll be naked with them in 30 minutes. They’re not exactly wild game to be hunted.

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