Ohio State Is Actually Trying To Trademark The Word ‘The’ In Front Of Its Name

08.13.19 5 days ago

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Trademarks are often a messy business, especially in sports. For every Trust The Process associated with the Philadelphia 76ers there’s a team saying “The Process” is their own.

Then there’s all the messiness that comes with the 12th Man. It’s on the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame and the Seattle Seahawks raise a flag of in honor of its fans, but Texas A+M desperately wants to litigate the copyright of that concept. A lot of messiness comes with copyright claims, and a number of teams may think they have a thing that’s all their own only to see other teams have that same feature.

One of those things in college football is the use of “the” before the team name. Ohio State University does it, much to the chagrin of Hurricanes fans in Miami, who often see “The U” all over merchandise the team sells. And apparently, the Buckeyes want to make sure they lock down the use of “THE” by applying for a copyright for the word.

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