Former Oklahoma Coach Barry Switzer Wants You To Know Not All Fraternity Members Are Bigots

Barry Switzer
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Former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the University of Oklahoma chapter of the SAE fraternity that has led to the expulsion of two students following a racist chant on a bus.

Switzer, an honorary Sigma Alpha Epsilon member himself, gave a couple of TV interviews and said that it’s not really fair to dismiss the entire fraternity for the actions of a few.

“It hurts me because I have a vested interest in this. As I said I am an SAE and I know the kids in this house,” Switzer said on KWTV Channel 9. “I spend some time over here, and I know what they’re like. Hey, I wouldn’t put up with that crap either, and they don’t either, and they don’t believe in it.”

He spoke with KOCO Channel 5 as well, saying:

“I understood that supposedly they were called bigots that lived in this house, none of them could live on this campus. I haven’t seen the interview, but if that happened and occurred, that’s no different from what those kids did on that bus. Throw a blanket over these kids that are here and say that they’re bigots? That’s unacceptable.”

The Oklahoma football team skipped practice on Monday to protest the video, and coach Bob Stoops joined the team. Sooners defensive standout Eric Striker posted a Snapchat that got passed around, and he later gave an interview to The Oklahomian with his thoughts on the situation. The whole piece with all of Striker’s comments is worth a read, but a couple things stood out:

“All of this has happened, and we kept it within and pushed it under the rug,” Striker said. “After (the video), we have to take a stand. Our voices have to be heard.”


One of Striker’s goals in every class he takes is to make sure his classmates know he’s not a stereotypical athlete. He speaks up and debates issues, and through that has made a wide variety of friends outside of the football team.