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The University of Oklahoma is appealing the NCAA's ruling which expunged all 8 wins from Sooners' football team 2005 record for "failure to monitor" the employment of players at a Norman auto dealership. 

"We have accepted a large majority of the NCAA's findings and penalties because we agree that the highest possible standards of conduct and ethics should be maintained and that when mistakes are made, even if they are unintentional, institutions must be held accountable," [OU President David] Boren said in a statement Friday.

You got that people?  Only the highest standards from now on for the Sooners.  Oklahoma is accepting the 2 additional years of probation and the loss of 2 scholarships, and the only thing they want back is their 2005 wins.  In an imaginary letter to NCAA President Les Miles Myles Brand, Boren stated, "Listen Les Myles, we already made up next year's programs, and the statisticians are gonna have my ass if our all-time record is deemed incorrect.  Think of all the damn Wite-Out we'll have to buy.  Don't you make bring up that Oregon game again."

As an Irish-Catholic from Chicago, I'm shocked that men got paid for work they didn't perform.  And to wield your connections to get that job?  Shameful.  Haven't they ever heard of "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay" shuffling papers at a City Hall desk job for which you used your mother's maiden name to get? -KD

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