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When selecting a college team to root for, it's important to take into account how debauched the undergraduate population is. It's why I have a hard time hating Miami and USC, even though the schools are primarily spoiled rich kids and Pete Carroll is an unbridled douchemonger.

So, with regard to last night's Orange Bowl — which Louisville handily won after deciding to show up in the 4th quarter — here's the information I have to work with:

• Wake Forest: A very smart and pretty girl from my high school went to Wake. She's now a Christian youth counselor.

• Louisville: I don't know any Louisville grads personally, but I did spend four months at nearby Fort Knox, and the girls at the strip clubs couldn't have ALL been locals, if you know what I'm sayin'. Take the girl in the picture, for example. Judging by this photo, she's on — or was on, anyway — the vaunted Louisville cheer squad. These extremely NSFW photos, however, suggest that she has other pursuits besides eventually coaching high school cheerleaders. Seriously, don't click that link unless you're a gynecologist or a pervert.

Me, I'm a little of both, so… hooray, Louisville!

(Thanks, kind of, to twoeightnine for the link. Perv.) 

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