Oregon Football And Ty Burrell Star In This Remake Of A Classic ‘Animal House’ Scene

Right before the fourth quarter at every home game at Autzen Stadium, people go nuts and sing “Shout” like they’re at a wedding. And that’s good because traditions are fun and “Shout” is a song you’re meant to sing in big groups when you want to be happy and enjoy your life. Nike, being Nike, took it one step further, recreating that memorable scene in Animal House, right down to Puddles getting his guitar smashed on the stairs.

As ads go, this one is pretty spectacular, although it’s a beefy five minutes. Chances are they’ll cut this thing down and play it a lot during the season, and Oregon will throw this up on the video board seeing as it’s really well produced and has just about every noteworthy Oregon Duck from recent memory.

There’s so much good here, including Modern Family’s Ty Burrell acting delightful as ever, Joey Harrington being Joey Harrington, Neil Everett dancing up a storm, Ahmad Rashad dressing the part (and the decade), and even Dennis Dixon and Marcus Mariota committing to the role. If anything it just makes me want to watch Animal House again, and anything that makes me do that is good in my book. (There’s never a bad time to watch Animal House.)