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Look, I’m not a big fan of the “[Hispanic player/coach] MOWS MY LAWN” shirts; they’re long on ethnic stereotyping and short on Teh Funny (and that’s coming from a guy that did this post on KSK last year). But when White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen found someone selling “OZZIE MOWS WRIGLEY FIELD” shirts in front of 1060 West Addison on his way to work (the Sox play the Cubs in Wrigley today), he made a statement of his own. From Mark Gonzales at the Trib’s Hardball blog:

Guillen bought a T-shirt and wore it in the clubhouse. “I might cut lawns but I don’t stand in the rain selling T-shirts,” Guillen said, laughing.

It’s a refreshing attitude to have, if not a counter-productive one. I would have loved to see the look on the vendor’s face when that transaction went down, assuming the guy would have been smart enough to recognize Guillen without his landscaping gear. Hey, that was totally uncalled for! Oh, wait…I wrote that.

|as first seen on Amy K. Nelson’s Twitter feed. The “K” stands for “baseball.”|

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