Ozzie Guillen Should Rethink This One

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09.27.10 2 Comments

As the Chicago White Sox have joined their North Side counterparts, the Chicago Cubs, in being eliminated from the playoffs, media speculation has once again turned to Mouth of the South Side, Ozzie Guillen, and his future with the White Sox. Guillen and Sox GM Kenny Williams famously hate each other, so the rumor mill is heating up over the decision that owner Jerry Reinsdorf will eventually have to make, between Guillen and Williams. And the man he doesn’t choose… DIES! MUAHAHAHAHA *coughs, hacks up lung butter*

Reinsdorf has yet to make any inclination of personnel changes, but the local media seems to believe that Guillen is as good as gone, despite recently winning a World Series and all that stupid stuff. Guillen is under contract through 2011 and has a team option for 2012, however he has hinted that if the White Sox part ways with him, he’ll be more than happy to take the Cubs manager job. The man just wants to be loved, damnit. Is that so much to ask?

Hey Ozzie, won’t you babble a bunch of nonsense at us and make us feel dumber in the process?

“If (Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf) doesn’t want me, yes,” Guillen said Saturday night before the Sox beat the Angels 6-2 for John Danks’ career-high 14th victory. “My position was I would never sign another place and leave the White Sox for the Cubs because of the respect for Jerry. But if Jerry is leaving me? I’m not leaving them, they are leaving me. Then, I have a choice to make. Everything is out there.

“As soon as you get divorced, you are free to do whatever you want. Yes, I will, not because I say I’m going there, but because they don’t want me. Before I say it, I’m not going to leave this place just to punch you guys in the nose. But if you don’t want me and someone else wants me, I have to make the decision.” (Via Chicago Tribune)

I had to use my Ozzie to English translator to really understand this and the result was: *yawwwwwwwwwwwn*. Meanwhile, speculation continues to grow that New York Yankees skipper Joe Girardi is secretly wanting to fill the vacancy with the Cubs. And while it makes all the sense in the world that a World Series champion manager would leave the pocketbooks of the Yankees in his REAHVIEW to walk into the black hole of coaching the Cubs, it just doesn’t seem very likely. I dunno, call me crazy.

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