Pablo Larrazabal Was Attacked By Hornets And Reacted Very Accordingly

Regardless of what the European announcer on this clip tries to tell us, nothing about what happened to Pablo Larrazabal at the Malaysian Open was even remotely funny. The golfer was attacked by a swarm of hornets and reportedly stung about 20 times, before he had to jump in the water to escape them. Okay, I have to admit that while I watched the opening of the clip, I briefly considered dubbing the “BEES!” scene from Tommy Boy over this footage, but then I imagined myself being attacked by hornets and being stung 20 times, and I immediately felt bad*.

But Larrazabal, badass that he is, told the medics that he wasn’t going to let 20 measly hornet stings stop him from completing his round, and he kept playing through it. Stories like this are what make me strongly believe that even pro golfers should be allowed to drink while playing.

*I also considered editing the funeral scene from My Girl on to the end of this, but then I still felt really, really bad, you guys.