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It's been almost a year since last year's NBA All-Star Game, when onetime Titans cornerback Pacman Jones was a central figure in a strip club melee that involved the making of rain, a stolen bag of cash, battered strippers (mmm… battered strippers), and a shooting that left a bouncer paralyzed.  As we all know, Pacman received a year-long suspension from the NFL by Komissar Roger Goodell, and it's safe to day that Pacman learned his lesson.  Except not.

WSB-TV in Atlanta reports that Titans cornerback Pacman Jones allegedly punched a woman on January 3 in a North Atlanta strip club. And the woman whom he punched is a lawyer.

The incident allegedly happened on January 3.  The lawyer, Wanda Jackson, alleges that Jones entered a manager’s office, accusing the club among other things of stealing money from him.  She says that, during the meeting, Jones lunged at her several times.  She also alleges that, in a hallway after the meeting, he reached around a security guard and punched her.

This is really unfair for Pacman.  What's a female lawyer doing in a strip club?  Female lawyers don't belong there.  They belong in tight business suits on hour-long TV dramas, where their desire to succeed is exceeded only by their passion to find the right man.  Can they balance a relationship with their career, or will their desire for the hunky new partner be their undoing?  Tune in Wednesdays this fall to find out!

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