The Padres Lost Their Twitter Name When They Honored Moms On Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is the annual 24-hour period where mothers all around the world get phone calls from the people they gave life to on this planet. It’s a good day, and it’s also a good opportunity for The Brands to celebrate moms in a way that everyone can agree with.

One such brand is the San Diego Padres baseball team, which you may notice has a nickname that is very similar to the Spanish plural for “mother.” To honor those madres, the team changed its Twitter account name to just that on Sunday.


You may notice that the idea came from another brand, Budweiser, who of course had their own tribute to the #moms on Sunday. But as many pointed out, including Awful Announcing, changing a Twitter handle can be a big deal and comes with a lot of questions. The first of those being, well, what happens to the old name?

For an account that has more than 400,000 followers on the social media site, that’s a lot of misdirected @ mentions for a day. And it seems like the Padres forgot to squat on their old name, because as AA pointed out, for a few hours it belonged to whoever could change their account to it quickest, which in this case was a Calvin College baseball player named Ricky Padilla.

That seems to have changed, of course. If you name search “Padres,” for example, curiously nothing comes up. And Twitter seems to have frozen the account altogether, as no one is @Padres while the Padres are the @Madres.

Twitter likely will help out the Padres once they’re done celebrating moms on their special day. But it is very funny, and a good lesson for everyone: if you’re gonna change your Twitter account for any reason, make sure you get a burner email account and put up a placeholder so it doesn’t get nabbed.