Let’s Find Out Why Guys Of The Internet Are Losing Their Minds For This Coed Golfer

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07.10.15 22 Comments

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You don’t yet know Paige Renee Spiranac by name, but you’ll never forget her. She’s not as underdressed as the internet’s spearfishing sensation or as attention-seeking as NYC’s hot cop, but she’s enjoying newfound internet fame. Spiranac recently graduated from San Diego State University. The Aztec’s website lists her impressive stats. Spiranac helped her team achieve top honors at the 2015 Mountain West Conference golf championship. This is the first time Aztec women’s golf took the prize, which puts a nice cap on Spiranac’s senior year. She’s also a runner, and from the looks of it, a dedicated lifter.

The bro-corners of the internet have fallen for Spiranac’s golf moves. She’s received features at Golf Digest, Total Frat Move, Golf Babes, and (of course) BroBible. In addition, The Roosevelts named her a weekly crush. Let’s see why men of the internet are going crazy for this female golfer. Could it possibly have anything to do with her swing?

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