Paige VanZant Would Be Willing To Fight Ronda Rousey … Under One Condition

Ronda Rousey has no shortage of potential opponents in the UFC … pretty much all the women in the 135 pound division would love to test their skills against her (even if it isn’t the greatest idea for them). That extends even down to the 115 pound division, which seems extra crazy considering the sound thumping Ronda makes of most women in her own weight division. But that hasn’t stopped Paige VanZant from stepping up.

The rising star of the strawweight division recently told TMZ she’d be up for the fight if it was held at a catchweight.

“Hey, if she wants to meet me at 125. [She’d have to cut down a little bit], and I’d have to go up. Yeah, I would consider going up to 125, it’s not that big of a weight gain for me.”

That doesn’t seem so far fetched a weight drop for Ronda Rousey any more. Word from her camp had her already sitting a few pounds above the bantamweight limit of 135 pounds three weeks before her fight. In the past, she has said her walking around weight is somewhere north of 150 pounds.

VanZant wasn’t quite able to commit to declaring she could defeat Rousey, instead simply saying “We’ll see,” when asked how a fight would go.

The Dancing With The Stars runner up may still be a bit wary when it comes to talking about Ronda, who apparently felt betrayed after Paige congratulated Holly Holm for beating her. The two had a confrontation at a UFC promotional function that basically entailed Rousey verbally ripping VanZant a new one. That might be a factor in why VanZant is interested in the fight … that, and the the millions of dollars in pay per view money, of course.