Panic In Carolina: Cam Newton Has A Fractured Rib

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08.25.14 13 Comments

Cam Newton has a no-sliding policy, something he’s held firm to for a couple of years now. Days after reiterating that point, Cam Newton fractured a rib…when he didn’t slide. Hey Cam you may want to re-think that whole sliding thing now.

Cam suffered the injury in Friday’s preseason game against the Pats. As a result, he’ll miss the Panthers final warm-up this week, which, let’s be frank, nobody cares about. What people do care about is the Panthers regular season and yep, Cam might miss the first game. Panic in Carolina? Panic in Carolina.

That’s Ron Rivera being overly optimistic. That’s Ron Rivera nearly crapping his pants because he has no other quarterback that’s worth a darn right now. That’s Ron Rivera staring at an ugly, ugly season if Cam is out for any significant amount of time.

RELATED: I have Cam in two fantasy leagues and PLEASE GOD CAM BE OK. Eli Manning’s my backup in one league and NO, NOT ELI! Somebody teach Cam how to slide right now. Right this instant. And somebody get Cam those rib pads…and some vicodin while you’re at it.

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