Carolina Panthers Safety Eric Reid Got Drug Tested For The Seventh Time In 11 Weeks

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Eric Reid has played exactly 11 weeks of football since signing a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers back on September 28th, and in that span he’s now been selected for a “random” drug test seven times.

Reid found the latest summons for a cup of his urine hanging in his locker following the Panthers 12-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football, and the safety took a picture of the notice and posted it to his Twitter account with the caption “Number 7…’Random’.”

The NFL no longer seems like it even cares to try and hold up appearances when it comes to Reid, who filed a grievance against the league in May alleging that the NFL colluded to keep him unemployed because of his on-field protests. Reid was one of the first players to take a knee during the national anthem alongside Colin Kaepernick in 2016 when both were members of the San Francisco 49ers.

Reid has appeared in 11 games with Panthers this season, racking up 45 tackles to go along with one interception and one sack, and yet the drug tests just keep on coming. And it isn’t just Reid who’s taking to calling out the NFL on what feels like a lack of “random” in their random drug testing. Other players, like Reid’s teammate Torrey Smith, have taken to publicly calling out the league, too.

“I’ve been here 11 weeks, I’ve been drug tested seven times. That has to be statistically impossible,” Reid said after the game. “I’m not a mathematician, but, there’s no way that’s right.”

When asked if the frequency of his drug tests will become a part of grievance case against the league, Reid nodded.

“Duly noted,” he added.

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