Patrick Mahomes Has Purchased An Ownership Stake In The Kansas City Royals

When the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl back in February, it felt like the coronation of a new perennial favorite in the NFL. With Patrick Mahomes at the helm of the most potent passing attack the league may have ever seen, the Chiefs seem like a team that will be a fixture in AFC title games and Super Bowls for years to come.

Achieving dynasty status is exceptionally difficult, but if you were to pick a team that could take over for the Pats as the NFL’s next, it’d be the Chiefs. It’s why they happily forked over half a billion to Mahomes to be their quarterback for the next decade. Mahomes seems likewise thrilled to be calling Kansas City home for his career, excitedly posting about staying in the city that drafted him long-term after signing his extension.

While every player that inks a long-term deal does this, Mahomes is putting his money behind it. On Tuesday, the Kansas City Royals announced that Mahomes invested some of his newfound wealth in an ownership stake in KC’s baseball team.

In the statement, Mahomes mentions his excitement to “deepen his roots” in the community, and his baseball heritage is well known given his father’s time as an MLB player. Mahomes was a baseball player himself prior to choosing football as his full-time occupation — a good choice, it should be noted — and now gets to be a part of the game he grew up in, albeit in a very different role than he probably anticipated he’d be in at 24 years old.