A Late Hit On A Patrick Mahomes Scramble Set Up The Chiefs Game-Winning Field Goal

The Chiefs and Bengals played in another instant classic on Sunday night in Arrowhead, but this time it was the home team that came out on top. After dominating the first half, the Chiefs could only get to a 13-6 lead going into the break, which set up yet another opportunity for Joe Burrow to lead a comeback win as they looked to reach back-to-back Super Bowls.

It looked like we might be headed that way after the Bengals got a stop with just over two minutes to play, with Kansas City making the rather shocking decision to punt the ball on 4th and 8 from the Cincinnati 37. However, the defense (eventually) stepped up, with Chris Jones picking up a huge sack on third down to force a Bengals punt with 40 seconds to play.

That punt was not a good one, as it was a line drive down the middle of the field, giving Skyy Moore the full field to work with and lots of runway to pick up a head of steam. He would take advantage, getting the Chiefs to midfield with plenty of time to get into field goal range.

The Bengals defense bowed up initially, as they had all game, but Mahomes still managed to produce some magic on his sprained ankle, taking off for a first down with eight seconds to play. Joseph Ossai ran him to the sideline, but then gave him a two-handed shove after he had taken two steps out, tacking on 15 yards at the worst possible moment.

You can see Mahomes clearly with feet on the sideline before Ossai makes contact, which is an auto-flag with quarterbacks especially.

Harrison Butker would step up and drill the kick from 45 yards out, punching the Chiefs ticket to a third Super Bowl in five seasons with Patrick Mahomes as the starter.

Ossai, who was shaken up initially after stepping wrong after the hit but got up and went to the bench, was distraught afterwards, as teammates tried to console him after just a brutally timed penalty.

It was a game filled with, well, let’s call it interesting officiating decisions. With a few plays being blown dead but still running, only to be called back after the fact, and some questionable calls and no-calls. Still, it was nothing short of an incredible game from both teams and both quarterbacks, who weren’t without flaws on the night but showed why this was billed as a heavyweight QB matchup. Mahomes and the Chiefs avenged their loss last year and shut down the “Burrowhead” talk, with Travis Kelce delighting in that in the CBS walkoff interview with Mahomes.