Ahead Of Bellator 158, Paul Daley Told Us That Knocking Someone Out Is A Great Feeling

07.13.16 2 years ago

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You can always depend on Paul Daley to bring a special sort of violence to the cage or ring. Whether it be kickboxing or MMA, Daley’s fists are made of lead, and his chin adamantium. The former UFC and Strikeforce fighter is currently undefeated in Bellator at 4-0 with three vicious knockouts, and has gold within his reach if he can get past former champ Douglas Lima at Bellator 158.

Even with the promise of a title shot on the table, business is unfinished. Daley was supposed to rematch UFC veteran Josh Koscheck at Bellator 158 to finally put their feud to rest until the veteran pulled out with an injury. But like everything Daley does, he’ll be rolling with the punches and promising a knockout in return when he heads home to put on a show in England.

How disappointed are you to not be rematching Josh Koscheck?

Not really disappointed too much. I never thought he’d show up for the fight anyway, he looked pretty nervous, a little scared. But he just seemed a little too comfortable in where his life was at to be fighting a guy like me. And in all honesty, I’m more motivated, I think douglas Lima is a far, far more interesting fight and I think the fans can look forward to enjoying this one more than the Koscheck fight.

Why do you think they’ll enjoy it more?

I think that if you look at Lima’s past fights and then you look at Koscheck’s past fights, I think that Lima brings a little bit more excitement. He’s a bit more brash, exciting, aggressive, athletically gifted, forward fighting, constantly looking for the finish. Whereas Koscheck, against a guy like I just described, a guy similar to myself, in Lima will look to grind out a fight where Lima’s not really a grinder. If he’s in there fighting, he’s looking to finish within the distance, and I think that when you’ve got two guys like that in there, it makes for a much more exciting fight.

He’s an ex-champ and very dangerous, are you saying he’ll stand with you whereas Koscheck wouldn’t?

I don’t know if he’ll stand with me, but I know he will be looking to finish the fight wherever it is. He doesn’t have fantastic wrestling, but he has a blackbelt in jiu jitsu. So, you know, if he doesn’t feel like standing, he may look to try to take the fight down to the ground. But either way, he’ll be looking to finish the fight and I think that that’s what makes it an exciting fight. The fact that both of us, you know, we’re not really decision fighters, if we’re in there, we’re looking to put someone to sleep.

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