PACKLASH: People On Twitter Really, Really, Really Hate Roger Goodell

You’ve seen the video by now. I won’t pretend that there’s anyone out there who hasn’t. Green Bay Packers defensive back M.D. “20/20” Jennings clearly intercepted Russell Wilson’s hail mary pass as the clock expired in last night’s Monday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks. Even my brother, a diehard Seahawks fan, texted me as the world was going nuts that the league’s replacement refs should be fired. It was amazing, to say the least, and I can’t even imagine how I’d react if I were a Packers fan.
I think Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy summed it all up quite nicely.

“It was awful. Just look at the replay. And then the fact that it was reviewed, it was awful,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers succinctly summed it up. “That’s all I’m going to say about it.”
Packers coach Mike McCarthy was equally concise. “Don’t ask me a question about the officials,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in all my years in football.

That said, Ape already did a great job in capturing some of the reactions from last night, and the USA Today has a fun rundown (a fundown!) of random sports figures’ reactions. I poured myself a hot cup o’ java this morning and settled into Twitter to see what I missed after my feed was clogged faster than Kirstie Alley’s toilets on Taco Tuesday last night. The vitriol – if that’s even a strong enough word – for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Twitter is hilariously outrageous.
There were death threats, calls for suicide, and some of the most vulgar invitations for self pleasure that I’ve ever read. Unfortunately, I try to keep these here pages as clean as possible, so I ignored those. Well, most of them. After the jump, I’ve included this morning’s wet spot of PACKLASH.

Exactly how it happened, NFL.
Even our friends at Rick’s Cabaret in New York City were furious over this debacle:

“We always have the football games on our TVs and everyone is saying how poorly the replacement referees are doing,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “I was watching a game sitting with some really successful Wall Street guys and they were talking about how badly the refs were doing. The girls and I were talking about the same thing earlier in the dressing room!”
Rick’s Cabaret Girl Alicia said, “The replacement officials are causing a credibility problem. They have been making blunders, and the game is dragging because of all the delays they cause.”
Rick’s Cabaret Girl Maya agreed. “They made several mistakes this weekend. I think I could do a better job. In fact, I volunteer,” she declared.
“A lot of my fellow Rick’s girls think that it is time to bring back the real refs,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Brielle. “We love football–some of the players are among our best customers. Of course, I am not allowed to reveal any names. We respect everyone’s privacy.
“The thing we don’t want to see is the Giants or the Jets lose a game because of a ref’s mistake. That would be a disaster!” she added.
Not all the Rick’s Cabaret Girls were concerned about the replacement officials. “I’m a baseball fan–Go Yankees!” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Savanna.

And not surprisingly, the memes broke out fast.
Real fast.
I like this one better. It’s more elaborate.
I wish.
Yahoo!’s Mike Silver to Aaron Rodgers on the field: “What the fuck just happened?”
Meanwhile, thousands of people began making WWE jokes about the NFL refs, and the NFL’s official Twitter account might have actually retweeted one.
And this was the snowball that rolled down the mountain and crushed an entire village.
TJ wasn’t done.
Someone pretending to be Clay Matthews wasn’t very happy either.
Here’s the newspaper from Osh Kosh.
Brandon Spikes went with the easy joke. Still effective.
Despite the fact that Goodell will fine them, other players like Reggie Bush started weighing in.
And I’m convinced this Frank Gore account is fake, because 1) he spends way too much time talking to random people, 2) he’s obnoxious with his overuse of “mang”, 3) I don’t care how big of a badass a guy thinks he’s is – or, on the other hand, how stupid he might be – players aren’t going to be Tweeting #rogergoodellsucks, and 4)
Yeah, it’s fake.
Oh thank goodness, his majesty weighed in. I’m shocked he’s not a Giants fan.
Will the delegate from the porn industry please cast her vote?
I just picked these next few fan Tweets at random, but I got a kick out of someone named JonnyPINGA yelling, “COCK!” I hope he does that in all of his daily routines.
What if Goodell actually killed himself today? Would Doug Katz brag too all of his friends that he was the inciting voice?
It’s important to point out that the thousands of Tweets directed at Goodell were sent to @RogerGoodell, which is just some random account. So chances are that even if Goodell did want to read all of this hatred, he wouldn’t see them on his @NFLcommish feed.
“Gonna make billions, I tells ya! Not a person ever thought of this idea before, especially not in New Orleans 6 months ago. Someone dip my house in melted gold!”
I had to read that Tweet twice, because the phonetic spelling looks like how 99% of the people on Twitter write.
That was my favorite.