Tim Tebow And Johnny Manziel Made For Quite The Awkward Couple Last Night

In case you didn’t watch last night’s BCS Championship Game, or if you did and you dozed off sometime around halftime, it wasn’t entirely exciting as the 34-31 score suggests. Yes, the fourth quarter was incredible and everything that we pray for in a championship game finale, but there were some parts of the game that really lagged and felt like they could have been edited out for convenience. Basically, the BCS Championship Game was the Captain Phillips of sports events.

In fact, at one point, the most exciting part of FSU’s National Championship win didn’t even involve the Seminoles or the Auburn Tigers, who led for most of the game. Instead, people were freaking out once ESPN’s Keri Potts Tweeted the above image of Texas A&M poonhound Johnny Manziel hanging out on the sideline with the network’s new golden boy, Tim Tebow.

The Dan Patrick Show’s Paul Pabst took it a step further and challenged people to a caption contest, but he didn’t really need to because everyone was already trying to come up with their funniest lines.

Personally, I think our own Unsilent Majority nailed it

But Tebow and Manziel weren’t just standing next to each other by accident or because a higher power hopes that one man could lead another down a more righteous path. They were there to join in on ESPN’s exceptional new multi-network coverage, as they were featured together at halftime for a “Title Talk” segment.

It was then and there that these two men who lead seemingly different lifestyles – one a skirt-chasing showboat who might not crack 6-feet in person but towers over people in ego, and the other being Tim Tebow – became best bros, if only for a moment. (Via SB Nation)

Additionally, the Dan Patrick Show asked the most important question this morning – Who would you rather go out for beers with, Manziel or Tebow?

Easy. Tebow. He won’t drink, so he drives. Manziel would spend the whole time buying shots for random girls, disappearing to the bathroom, and every time he’d come back, he’d either trick you into smelling his finger, or he’d burp in your face and shout, “What’s that hot wing flavor? Must be POONANI!”