Pete Rose is a shrewd businessman

09.19.06 12 years ago

By now you've heard all about how Pete Rose signed baseballs with the inscription, "I'm sorry I bet on baseball." And then got in on the deal to sell those baseballs. Well, Mark Kreidler, writing for ESPN, has a really good article on this. (Believe me, I was just as shocked as you. But don't worry, Kreidler's not on staff there or anything, so it'll be back to Scoop Jackson and Jim Caple before you know it.) Kreidler notices a trend in Rose's actions since Paul Giamatti's dad banned him for life: "The template: (1) Deny while it is imperative; (2) Confess when it becomes optional; (3) Turn a profit on both ends of the deal." Which is also a good route if you're a drug mule to the stars. But I just do it because it's a worthwhile cause. And for the thrill of swallowing heroin pellets.

In conclusion, Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, because gambling is fun and cool.

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