Peyton Manning Opens Up To David Letterman About The Meanings And Origins Behind ‘Omaha’

Peyton Manning made his return to The Late Show, even though he’s a loser, and opened up a bit about his ‘Omaha’ playcalls that seem to thunder out during games. You almost couldn’t watch a game in this past year’s playoffs without seeing some infographic or pre-game puff story about how Peyton Manning’s ‘Omaha’ shout was sweeping the nation. And then he lost, forcing all of those people to go back to asking if he should retire.

I personally think Manning is missing out on billions in advertising revenue by not using his sponsors in his gameplan. Hearing Papa John’s or Buick being called out during a game would would be gangbusters and he’d still be able to confuse opposing teams while winning the hearts of millions.

As a little extra tidbit, Darren Rovell Tweeted Manning’s first appearance with Letterman back in 1997. A much stiffer performance than this most recent chat. It’s cool to see just how comfortable he’s gotten with his stardom, even if I’m sick of seeing him shilling on television.

(Via The Late Show)