Peyton Manning And Shannon Sharpe Were Melting Down Watching The Broncos Waste Time On 4th Down

The Broncos lost to the Seahawks on Monday Night Football in a 17-16 game that featured one of the most bizarre final drives, including some all-time terrible clock management, culminating in the decision to run 40 seconds off the clock before calling their first timeout of the half in order to kick a 64-yard field goal to try and win the game.

That, unsurprisingly, did not work out and they ended up losing in Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle, where he was loudly booed and got outplayed by Geno Smith for most of the night. Luckily for Wilson, the conversation coming out of the game is on Nathaniel Hackett’s coaching debut, which could be summed up in one word as, “catastrophic.” On the main broadcast, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck were very confused by what was happening, but the best reaction to the Broncos late game management came on the Manningcast, where Peyton was having a panic attack as the clock rolled down without a timeout and Shannon Sharpe was a guest, losing his mind that they wasted all that time to eventually call timeout so they could kick a 64 yarder.

The close up on Peyton’s box is just hysterical as he cannot believe what he’s watching.

This is, undoubtedly, the best thing about the Manningcast (which is still a delight), because Peyton can’t help but lose it over bad decision-making and mental mistakes, and when they have a guest who is a diehard or a former legend of one of the teams, they also are incredibly invested in what’s happening. In this case, it was a perfect storm of being a Broncos game, with Peyton very much rooting for his old squad alongside Shannon, and they had to watch this from afar with no way of stopping the trainwreck they could see coming.