Peyton Manning Tells Jimmy Fallon Why He’s Used To Eli’s Sad Face

With a win at Super Bowl 50, Peyton Manning crowned his decorated career with a second Super Bowl win. Long in the tooth, Manning played more of a bus driver role as the Broncos defense led the team to victory. But when it comes to legacy, a ring is a ring. Everyone in the Manning family expressed lots of excitement about Peyton adding another accolade to his mantle, except for one.

The cameras caught the Manning family celebrating Peyton’s win while Eli was staring off into distant space like he just came to the realization that bees are dying globally at an alarming rate. The face was classic Eli.

Peyton went on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to talk about his storied career, the Super Bowl and, of course, the classic Manning face. The interview took a joyful turn when Fallon uncovered a large cardboard cutout of Eli’s sad Super Bowl face. Fallon and Peyton took turns telling the cardboard cutout about major life achievements.

The Eli cutout made for great television, but this thing has big potential for real life use. Bring the Eli cutout to every wedding, graduation, and birthday party that you’d rather skip to watch Law and Order reruns. The Eli face is the face that keeps giving.

(Via The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon)

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