Robber Gets A Hefty Dose Of Karma When He Runs Into A Trained Fighter

Bradenton, Florida resident David West was just trying to make Valentine’s Day tolerable for his girlfriend when she was working behind the counter at a Walgreens pharmacy, when a would-be robber named David Nemeth attempted to stick-up the place in the middle of the afternoon and demanded oxycodone.

The problem for Nemeth, though, was that West just happened to be a trained fighter, and when he heard Nemeth threaten his girlfriend saying he had a gun, he sprung into action, pulling the criminal’s shirt over his head and landing some heavy shots while waiting for police to arrive at the scene.

WFLA caught up with West afterwards, and he said he was just trying to make sure that no harm came to his girlfriend.

“I wasn’t trying to be malicious in any way. It’s just how I reacted to the situation,” West said.

West pinned Nemeth down until the cops arrived. He was happy he protected his girlfriend but sad to see the suspect battling drug addiction. “The whole time I was holding him down it really, really hurt my heart,” West said.

“I did what I had to do to protect the person I love. I hope he gets the help he needs and I hope it helps his loved ones too.”

Although it turned out that Nemeth didn’t even have a gun and was just bluffing, West still is being commended by police for his help.

For his part, not only is Nemeth facing one count of armed robbery, but this is what his face looked like after the confrontation.

Maybe he will get that oxycodone after all.

(Via WFLA)