Phil Mickelson Does Not Enjoy Your Dumbass Questions

Okay, so maybe this is a case of Phil Mickelson being a butthole to somebody who was just trying to be friendly, but it could also be a revolutionary step toward removing assy form-questions from the sports guy/journalist equation. Sort of like Bill Engvall’s ‘Here’s Your Sign’ jokes, but more direct, and with less horrible Bill Engvall.

The conversation moves to “dumb questions,” and while Phil ribs Sands a little (the two have a past), he explains that it isn’t the dumbest question he’s been asked. That honor goes to a gentleman that works for MasterCard, who asked Phil a question that most would consider rhetorical. (via Devil Ball Golf)

“You lookin’ forward to Augusta?”

(laugh track goes here)

“Nope! Dreadin’ it! I’m thinkin’ ’bout tradin’ in m’golf clubs for a set a BOWLIN’ BALLS. Just roooll ’em onto the green. Heeeere’s your sign.”

That’s close enough, right? Jesus, I feel so dirty.