The Eagles Spent A Seventh Round Pick On A Gigantic Rugby Player Who’s Never Played Football

NFL Network

The final few rounds of the NFL Draft can be a complete slog. You’ll get some really cool moments and see some entertaining college players go off the board, but for the most part, it’s hours upon hours of television coverage trying to race towards the end of a three-day marathon.

But when one of those really cool moments pop up, they’re usually really great. An example of this during the 2018 NFL Draft came via the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, which are apparently in such a good mood after their big win earlier this year that they decided to spend a seventh round pick on someone who has played exactly zero downs of football in their life.

Meet Jordan Mailata, a rugby player who was taken with the 233rd overall pick in the draft. Mailata has never played football, but the dude is 6’8″ and 346 pounds, so the Eagles picked him with the hopes of turning him into a mauler along the offensive line.

Here are a collection of his Rugby League highlights, which are extremely funny, because I must again say that he is the same height as LeBron James and weighs three hundred and forty six pounds. Watch as he just rumbles through dudes, as he’s a much better athlete than you’d expect for someone of this size.

Check out some highlights shown on NFL Network, which made their draft crew laugh, because they are hilarious.

The Eagles using a late pick on him makes the risk on a player like this low and the upside pretty high. If he doesn’t turn into a talented offensive lineman, maybe they can hand the ball off to him in short yardage situations or something and tell him to run over people who attempt to bring him down with arm tackles.