Phillies Should Sell Seats On The Field

05.05.10 9 years ago 4 Comments

Another Philadelphia Phillies fan wandered onto the field last night. Another, fatter, more poorly-dressed fan.

Tom Betz, 34, tweeted and Facebooked “turn on the phillies game, im about to be on the feild!!!!!!!!!!” moments before he jumped the fence and ran around the outfield Tuesday night.

Betz, an aspiring DJ who goes by the name “The Thorobred,” rushed the field just as Cole Hamels was set to close out Tuesday night’s 1-0 game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the top of the ninth.

–NBC Philly.

Hamels would give up another run, a lapse that many Phillies fans are blaming on Betz, before the home team won in extra innings. ESPN just reported that Betz was also in possession of “narcotics,” whatever the law considers those to be these days. They mentioned him by name, but did not show the footage.

As a rule, networks that broadcast games don’t give camera time to “fans” that decide to violate city law and wander onto the field. Despite the entertainment value of watching some poor lost soul lose his mind in front of America, the logic behind that is obvious. But when a fan with a camera and a YouTube account set their own policy, and that video went viral so fast, one would think it had climbed out of Lindsay Lohan.

ESPN, afraid to be left out of the loop, aired the footage, along with what might be the sports image of the year (right), and so the floodgates have opened. That said, ESPN didn’t scoop this fatass up and drop him on the field. This guy made a rational decision that all the press from being the Dunce of the Day outweighed whatever fine or jail time he was going to incur. That’s not something a dumb person does.

To their credit, I guess, ESPN did not air any images of Betz, so apparently they’re out of the crazy fan business. That will probably be enough to quell the copy-catting. And that’s fine. The first one was fun, but now I think we’re over it.

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