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The big news overnight, except for those really boring election results only lamers care about, is the pending deal to send decrepit star center Shaquille O'Neal to the Suns in exchange for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. The move makes total sense for a quick tempo team to acquire a 36-year-old player with a hip problem. All those retirees in the Phoenix area need someone they can pull for that isn't a Canuck.

Without a doubt the acquisition of Pau Gasol by Los Angeles had a part to play in this. The Suns already had struggled with the match-up the Lakers presented, prior to obtaining Gasol.

Something to do with the Lakers? Well, that's not how I envisioned the storyline playing out with Shaq's return to the Western Conference at all. I'm sure no one is going to ask Kobe what he thinks of this potential deal. At which point Kobe will try to rat out Shaq to the police about something. But Shaq is police now, Alex Kobe. It's like Clockwork Orange all over again. -Christmas Ape

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