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There's some soccer-related news about Man City midfielder Stephen Ireland possibly returning to the pitch for the national team of his eponymous home country.  Why hasn't Ireland played for Ireland of late?  Dead grandmothers and new rides, yo.

Ireland, who recently took delivery of a £90,000 Range Rover customised with pink wheels, grille, seats and accessories, has not played for his country since inventing the death of two grandmothers to engineer his way home from an international double-header last season.

Using my amazing Google-Fu skills, I learned that that Range Rover cost Ireland $178,911.  (Probably an even $179K by the time I finish writing this post.  Thanks a lot, economy.)  And worth every farthing.  I just hope for his sake that the UK doesn't have the "gay tax" that makes home furnishings and Broadway shows so expensive in America.

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