05.19.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

Those last place New York Yankees are turning to the storied tradition of nutty baseball superstitions to right the ship in what's looking like an ever more moribund season. Rummaging through his armoir filled with needles anddead strippers, Jason Giambi found just the answer: gold thongs for all. Okay, gold thongs for one, but it can be a communal thing. Less gay that way.

The Yankee slugger revealed Friday he slips on a gold lamé thong with a flame-line waistband when he's trying to get out of a hitting slump – and he's shared it with his teammates.

Posada added that "a lot of players have worn it," but he didn't name names. Asked if the thong got washed between wearings, he gave a cringe-worthy answer. "Ask Jason," said Posada. "Jason is a little strange."

Actually, Giambi does wash them, which strikes an odd note with Posada. You too good for his treadmarks, Giambino?  

The Yankees also dropped the two games that didn't get rained out over the weekend to the Mets, so the thong might have lost its magic. Only one way to be sure: Yukon Cornelius needs a quick lick. He'll suss out some fake gold in a snap. 

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