Pitt Ran An End Around With An Offensive Lineman For A Touchdown And It Was Beautiful

10.27.16 1 year ago

This is the greatest play in the history of college football. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit much, but it’s not every day that you see a team run a play usually reserved for a wide receiver with a dude who is 6’6 and 300 pounds.

Pitt had the ball on the 5-yard line during its Thursday night game against Virginia Tech. It was first and goal and the team was down by eight, so it had the flexibility to do something a little crazy. The Panthers did just that, as they faked a handoff and had their quarterback stick the football in the gut of an offensive lineman.

Brian O’Neill, a redshirt sophomore tackle, ran into the backfield, took the ball from Nathan Peterman, and lumbered towards the pylon on the right side of the end zone. A Hokies defender got to him in time to hit him before he got into the end zone, but O’Neill laid out, used his 6’6 frame to his advantage, and managed to get the touchdown.

Pitt can lose on Thursday night and still hold their heads high, because this was so, so beautiful. Please, college football gods, give us a Pitt vs. Arkansas bowl game so we can watch Pat Narduzzi and Bret Bielema come up with silly ways to get the ball in the hands of offensive linemen.

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