Play Football With Jerry Rice’s Dog

He might have left his mark on the NFL, but he won’t mark up your forehead. A photog for TMZ. caught up with Jerry Rice, arguably the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game, who was solicited for an autograph to be signed in an unusual place. Like in the back seat of a Volkswagen. The audio is pretty faint, but it’s impressive to see a dude keep his cool when all he wants to do is play video games with his dog.

EA’s exclusive license with the NFL has led to developers getting creative in making football games. Developer Judobaby has taken that to another level, signing Jerry Rice and his dog, Nitus to star in their own game. Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football will be a Wii-exclusive (shocking, I know) and is only the first “superstar and their pet” game planned.

I’m still going to hold out for “Michael Vick’s Rape Stand Squeaky Toy Football” on PS3. The graphics are just better over there. Plus I can watch Cujo on Blu-Ray afterward. Win-win.

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