Play With Leather And Draftstreet’s Free Fantasy Football, Win $1000, Be Happy Forever

Be slightly happier than the Jags cheerleaders. Here’s how!
(via Getty Image)

You asked for it, so we’re bringing it back. In celebration of the NFL returning and making our lives better, we’re hitting week 2 hard with a free fantasy football game through our friends at Draftstreet. You can win your share of $1000. Fantasy sports. Cheerleader headers. TONS OF MONEY. Sh*t just got real.

It’s so easy you could close your eyes and click a bunch of buttons and probably score, but … uh, don’t do that. In association with UPROXX, sign up over at Draftstreet, pick your favorite week 2 NFL players before Sunday’s games and viola, you’ve got a chance to win your share of a thousand bucks. That’s easier than stopping Maurice Jones-Drew in week 1!

Trust us, this is the way to go. Since 2010, over $60 million has been won by DraftStreet players and over 250,000 people play the games weekly. That’s more money and coverage than most teams get. So seriously, head on over and get started right now. You’ve got no good reason to delay.

And if you do, we’re gonna bring in Tim Tebow and make HIM explain why you should play. Don’t make us do that.