This Playboy Model Popped A Breast Implant After Falling Off A Stripper Pole

Meet Venezuelan model Diosa Canales, a woman who claims to have popped one of her breast implants after falling off a stripper pole. She was taken to the hospital where doctors performed surgery to, uh, address the rupture. She fancies herself a pole dancing athlete of sorts:

‘My loves, yesterday I was operated on in and emergency, while I was practicing my pole dancing I had a fall and one of my implants burst.
‘I want to tell everyone not to worry about me though, I’ll be fine.’

Canales regularly uploads pics and videos of her pole dancing routines to her Instagram account. After the accident she also uploaded an image of her chest injury.

In 2011, Canales gained “internet fame” in her home country of Venezuela after promising to post naked if the national team won Copa America. They didn’t and she didn’t. And here we are four years later.

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