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Last month Stephen A. Smith was all, "Bloggers are dangerous because they're unqualified, untrained, wreckless [sic], non-expert non-professionals who are sabotaging upstanding professionals like myself."  And now this month he's like "Welcome to my blog."  Oh, excuse me: his online blog.  It's different from those stodgy old paper-and-ink blogs.

In the first and only post so far, Stephen A. writes (not in all caps, surprisingly enough):

Happy New Year everyone. It’s the night of Jan. 2,2008…

Now would be a good time to point out that he published the post on January 14th.

I’m actually doing something I never thought I’d do in my lifetime: writing a blog. In the interest of being real, although I’ve been a journalist for more than 14 years, therefore intimately accustomed to writing, especially on the fly, I’ve never desired to have my own website, let alone write my own blog. But things change when your loved ones notice your notoriety more than you do, when they aspire for your voice to expand, when they’ve grown tired of the countless times they’ve heard critics rain venom without compunction because they sensed my voice was limited.

Anyway, he drones on and on and there's nothing particularly interesting (or, to be fair, stupid), then he ends with, "So fasten your seatbelts! Get ready for a ride!"  A ride that stops immediately and doesn't move for nine days.  Oh my gosh my hair's on fire!  Slow this ride down!!!

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