Polish Soccer Fans Are Pretty Cool

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12.20.10 4 Comments

Say what you want about their submarine doors and flashlights, but Polish people are pretty hellbent on their soccer support. The Lech Poznan under-12 team recently competed in the 2010 Lech Cup and they lost all of their matches, so you’d think they’d be pretty bummed, right? Well they probably weren’t, seeing as the fans of the main club showed up in ridiculous force, putting on a display of support that we’ve never seen before. Ever. I looked it up.
I’m hardly Albert Einstone when it comes to European soccer, so I’ll simply point out the obvious – Polish soccer fans are maniacs. Their support for their child athletes sure beats the hell out of the mandatory one inning of play rule we used to have in Little League and the participation trophies we received. But I guess you could count the players’ dads smoking next to the dugout as a fireworks display. So we had that going for us.
Videos of the insane fans after the jump…

(Video and banner image via Hooligans Online)

In American youth soccer, mothers would be screaming as they called their lawyers to profess the different levels of abuse their precious children had suffered.

A little longer, but you get the idea almost instantly.

I better stop before Frank Deford gets wind of this and he and The Duchess make a pot of chamomile and discuss the vulgarities of Americanized sports as the result of the Great Depression or the Industrial Revolution, contrasted by the rampant disparities between French fencing academies and modern Chinese acrobatics. Oh, won’t we Americans ever learn the value of sportsmanship?

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