Popek Rak Is Back And Still Slicing Off Entire Sections Of His Own Face

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.15.13 4 Comments

Popek Rak

Last July we featured scarification and eye-tattooing videos from (as Jessica Hudnall describes it) “noted lunatic, Polish rapper, and kinda MMA dude” Popek Rak. In the comments section I was informed that thinking it was weird to stab yourself repeatedly in the face with a knife was a “prejudicial view on normalcy” and what “craft LGBT bigotry.” So as you read this, please remember that a man who has been punched in the head way, way too many times injecting green ink into his eyeballs while he bleeds profusely and mumbling curse words is the same thing as being gay.

Anyway, the important thing here is that Popek is back and ready for another round of scarification, and if you thought there’d be more to an ancient tribal ritual than a man driving an x-acto knife into your forehead about a foot from his keyboard you’re thinking too much. Here’s the latest clip, which (as you have hopefully figured out) comes with a strict warning about graphic violence. It is a man being cut in the face.

The upside: at least it looks like he’s trying to be symmetrical.

In the event that the first paragraph was confusing, I fully support Popek Rak’s choice to do whatever the hell he wants with or to his own body. I just feel comfortable moving forward with some light prejudices against body modification extending into that mental disease territory where nobody will tell you to reconsider face-stabbing because they don’t want to hold prejudicial views on normalcy and/or you’re a violent lunatic. Judgy judgy, I know.

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