Preakness: Please Get Drunk Again

05.13.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

After the organizers of the Preakness banned infield patrons from bringing their own beer, attendance dropped by 31 percent. Who would have seen that coming? This year, the masterminds behind the second leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown are making amends. Sort of.

This year, infield admission has dropped by $10, to $40. And revelers can drink unlimited beer if they buy a 16-ounce mug for $20.

Organizers have also booked younger-skewing musical acts O.A.R. and the Zac Brown Band. –WaPo.

The mugs, and a new ad campaign, have revitalized ticket sales, but they’re still short of 2008’s attendance. And now they control the flow of alcohol as well, which is good for them. Plus, mugs don’t throw quite as well as cans of beer. But it’s safe to say that the fame Port-O-Potti runs are all but over. It’s too bad, because I was dying to lay down a Fat Guy Falls-Skinny Guy Gets Nailed In The Face-Dude In Flip Flops Falls Off trifecta.

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