Jimmy Fallon Unleashes This Gang Of Adorable Puppies To Predict The Winner Of Super Bowl LI

Jimmy Fallon has used his army of cute puppies to great effect since taking over late night. There’s puppy trivia from time to time, but the real draw seems to be their powers of prognostication. They’ve been used to predict the winner of The Kentucky Derby, the NCAA Final Four, and plenty of other sporting events over the past few years. I’m sure how accurate they are, but most people don’t care too much. If it was an octopus predicting the winner of the World Cup or some horse that can smack out the final score of the World Series using its hoof, folks might care. The standards are higher.

Puppies get the benefit of the doubt and can do whatever they want.

Here Fallon lets them determine the winner of the Super Bowl and the results go against most of what we’ve seen so far with other preditctions:

While the actual visual doesn’t give it away, Fallon gives it to the Atlanta Falcons over the New England Patriots. That means that when Tom Brady tweaks his knee this Sunday and Matt Ryan ends up dropping fifty on the Pats, you can blame Jimmy Fallon and his dogs. If it results in Jay Leno returning to host The Tonight Show, we truly live in the darkest timeline.

(Via The Tonight Show)