08.15.08 10 years ago 17 Comments

It turns out it wasn't just members of the Spanish basketball teams making slant-eye gestures in some photographs posted online. No, even the more genteel sports were getting in on the act. 

From Fanhaus:

The above photo, taken directly from the Spanish Tennis Federation's web site, shows Spanish tennis players and coaches in the "slant-eyed" pose before their Federation Cup match against China in April. It carries the caption, "Estamos preparados para China," or "We prepare for China."

Before you rush to judgment (that's what hot-tempered Spanish people do) consider that the Chinaman may have doctored these photos to engender sympathy during these games. He has a history of forgery, does he not? He is furtive and deceptive by nature, with his snake-like Fu Manchu mustache and mystic oriental secrets. What's that, you want me to take a picture with the Spanish soccer team? I thought you'd never ask! Smirre!

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