Randy Couture: Slippery When Wet

If UFC legend Randy Couture’s career of starring in Expendables films and other movies starring people from The Expendables doesn’t work out for him, it’s good to know he can fall back on music. Here’s Captain America going full Dazzler with the band Elvis Monroe (seriously) on a cover of Bon Jovi’s classic ‘Livin’ On A Prayer.’ Yep.

If you’ve never heard of Elvis Monroe, Music In Press once described them as a mix between Matchbox Twenty and Lifehouse, so … uh, they’ve got THAT going for them. I can’t think of music that makes me want to punch somebody more than “a mix between Matchbox Twenty and Lifehouse.” Isn’t that just Train?

Anyway, here’s to hoping Couture sticks to singing lead in a Bon Jovi coverband, if only to hear him sing the greatest of all karaoke songs, ‘Bad Medicine.’ That’d get him fist bumps from everybody at the show, right?

Okay, maybe not everybody.

[h/t to Maggie at Cagewriter]